Privacy Policy

Independently encrypted data

After the password is set to be super-independent password, it can only be modified by verifying the original password. The password will not be retrieved once it is forgotten.

The right 'What exists is what you can see'.

We respect the right of users to manage all their information. We pursue that users have the right to "exist and see" their data. Therefore, we strive to organize the user's data here as much as possible, so that users can manage their own knowledge system and other information systems, help improve their knowledge and information management capabilities, and control their own information.The information stored in the server by the user, such as private record information, background picture information, etc. if the user deletes the information on the interface, the corresponding physical deletion rather than logical deletion will also be performed on the server side. Once the user deletes his own private information, the server side will completely delete it to ensure that the user's private information is fully controlled in his own hands.

Minimum privilege acquisition principle

We strictly abide by the principle of minimum access. In fact, we are against access to user's privacy. We are also against any use of user's privacy. We not only eliminate the risk of user's privacy being trampled through independent encryption, but we insist that the user's privacy is sacred and not allowed to be touched.


More details of the privacy policy will be presented in the form of pop-up box in the specific use scenarios in the app.